Hello, dear readers! I’m so excited to share with you our amazing trip to Zanzibar last month. We, the Viaservice team, are the provider of Container Guarantee solution, a service that helps traders and transporters to release their Containers across borders with ease and stress-free. We went to Zanzibar for a two-day (one night) get together with our directors. It was a wonderful opportunity to bond with our colleagues and have some fun in the sun.

We started our journey from Dar es Salaam harbor, where we boarded a boat that took us to the island. The boat ride was an adventure in itself, as we enjoyed the breeze and the views of the ocean. We arrived at Stone Town, the historical and cultural heart of Zanzibar, where we had a delicious breakfast at Lukmaan, a very famous restaurant that serves local and international dishes. We then explored the town, admiring the architecture, the markets, and the museums. We also did some shopping for souvenirs and spices.

After that, we hit the road to Nungwi, where our admin officer had booked us a 5-star hotel. The drive was full of fun, as we listened to great music and shared stories. We checked in at the hotel, which was beautiful and comfortable. We had some time to relax before lunch, which was served at the hotel’s restaurant. The food was mouthwatering and satisfying.

In the afternoon, we went for a sunset cruise around Nungwi beach. This was one of the highlights of our trip, as we enjoyed the stunning views of the sky and the sea. We also danced to some good African music and felt the rhythm of Zanzibar. It was a magical experience that we will never forget.

In the evening, we had a special session with our global trade facilitation director, Mr. Morgan. He gave us an inspiring speech about our company’s vision and mission, and how we can contribute to its success. He also listened to our feedback and suggestions and answered our questions. We talked about our business, the container guarantee solution, and how it benefits our clients and partners. It was a great opportunity to learn from him and to express our appreciation for his leadership.

The next day, we went for another adventure: dolphin exploration. We took a boat to a spot where dolphins are often seen, and we were lucky enough to spot some of them. They were so graceful and playful, and we even got to swim with them. It was an unforgettable experience that made us feel closer to nature.

After that, we had our last lunch at The Cape Town Fish Market, a restaurant that serves fresh seafood and other delicacies. We savored every bite and thanked the staff for their excellent service.

We then headed back to Dar es Salaam, feeling happy and grateful for our trip. We thanked our directors for organizing this wonderful event, and we thanked each other for being part of this amazing team.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our trip to Zanzibar. We highly recommend you visit this beautiful island if you ever get the chance. You won’t regret it!

Thank you for following our blog. Stay tuned for more updates from Viaservice!