The Container Guarantee provides a business-friendly alternative to container deposit which is accessible to customs agents, freight forwarders and shippers. The solution entails issuance of guarantee by Viaservice to authorized customs agents, freight forwarders and shippers upon payment of a nominal non-refundable service fee to Viaservice. The solution is friendly to both the suppliers of shipping services and their customers.

In East Africa and other parts of the World, container cash deposits  are considered  a trade barrier. Deposits in cash and bank guarantees are a huge financial burden to small and medium companies owing to their cashflows limitations. The administrative process of refunding  the deposits often takes time, which increases the financial strain the freight forwarders and shippers have to bear.

But for the smaller freight forwarder companies, Viaservice Financial Services offers a Container Guarantee solution helps freight forwarder and shippers improve their cash flows, become more competitive, improve their relationship with shipping lines, and enhance their administrative and operational efficiency. The Container Guarantee covers containers in respect of demurrage, damage and total loss but does not however break the liability chain and is not an insurance cover.

Viaservice Financial Services. advances payment to shipping lines for dues relating to demurrage, damage and total loss of containers on behalf of guarantee holder on reimbursement basis.The solution improves administration, cashflows, cargo transit time, simplifies and fasten the process of acquiring delivery order and returning containers.

Start today with our Container Guarantee using our easy-to-use online platform for ordering and managing the transactions.